Tasked to create a campaign that builds a movement to reframe abortion as an essential right and routine procedure that is embedded in women’s health.
The Decision Dispenser, prominently featured at the Art Basel gallery, provides a platform for women who have undergone abortions to share their stories. Through an interactive interface, users can choose from eleven reasons that influenced their decision. Subsequently, the machine anonymously generates a pin for the user, color-coded based on their selected reason. The objective is to amplify the voices of abortion patients and raise public awareness by visually representing the diverse reasons behind choosing abortion. By sharing these stories and providing a visual representation of the reasons behind choosing abortion, the Decision Dispenser aims to increase visibility and understanding of abortion as a necessary procedure. ​​​​​​​
Shortlisted: One Club for Creativity Miami​​​​​​​
To download the Decision Dispenser Deck click here 
Art Direction & Design: Cristina Ameller & Isabelle Dino
Copywriting: Julia Sanbe


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