The goal is to create a response that attracts Gen Z to the eBay marketplace for selling their preloved items. The concept revolves around leveraging the emotional connection of Valentine's Day to encourage Gen Z to part ways with their ex's belongings on the platform. By tapping into the sentiment of the occasion, the idea aims to make the eBay marketplace a compelling destination for turning emotional baggage into tangible value.
Leveraging vintage-style illustrations of women in eBay's campaign to declutter exes' belongings not only taps into nostalgia but also serves a strategic purpose. In an intentional departure from the traditionally sexist undertones often found in vintage advertisements, eBay aims to reverse the narrative. These illustrations are reimagined to embody empowerment, resilience, and the freedom to move forward.

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Art Direction & Design: Cristina Ameller, Kristen Konefal, Silvana Silva


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